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To all friends of Better World Cameroon (BWC) – Welcome!

There are amazing change-makers at work in West Africa. This site is dedicated to supporting their work and sharing their vision. In the country of Cameroon, deep in the heart of Biyem Assi city – a sprawling slum of Yaounde, capital of Cameroon – is a garden called Ndanifor. Created out of some acres of wasteland in the mid-90’s it flourished as a community garden bringing the spirit of the village into the urban sprawl. Originally called a nature park the garden is the inspiration of a remarkable man, Joshua Konkankoh, who has built up a unique grassroots NGO called Better World Cameroon (BWC) devoted to youth development in a country where young people need a vision of hope that builds confidence in the future. This is the Spirit of Ndanifor which cares for the land and the people who inhabit it. Joshua has drawn upon the indigenous traditions of his native town of Bafut to reconnect young people to their African heritage in order to build a better world. Now the Ndanifor Garden is entering a new phase of its evolution and has embraced, under the leadership of a new breed of volunteers working for BWC, plans to create an eco-lodge and permaculture teaching centre for sustainable, carbon neutral agriculture and building technologies. Joshua’s vision for BWC is as a channel for cross-cultural understanding and friendship. To this end the development of Ndanifor is also envisaged as a place to host international youth workcamps. The first workcamp will be held this year in August as part of BWC’s Youth Programme (BYP). More about this and the Ndanifor Eco-lodge and Permaculture Project (NEPP) can be found here and on BWC’s website at